Functional Testing

Using a combination of our usability expertise, your documentation and the final product, our engineers will test each functional component of your project. It’s not enough to know that your software meets your development and design specifications, your product also needs to work for the end user in a way that they expect it to work. We will test each component and functional aspect of your product to make sure that it functions logically and doesn’t just meet a technical requirement but meets your user’s expectations.

Quacon’s test engineers are trained to put your application and websites through rigorous tests to ensure the software does what it’s supposed to do and doesn’t do what it’s not supposed to do.

We are here to help your development do what it does best, focus on developing great applications and websites. We will focus on the testing and provide clear step by step instructions with screenshots, video captures and any other relevant info so that your developers can fix any issues as quickly and easily as possible.